Discover The Android Video That Made YouTube’s February Top 10 List

Google recently revealed the top 10 ads that people chose to watch on YouTube in February 2015. As expected, February’s list includes many carryovers from the Super Bowl when advertisers tend to bring out their “A” games of creativity. However, a few didn’t get the Super Bowl boost. Of those, we liked one in particular as an example of memorable content presented in an entertaining fashion in support of a brand message.

Coming in at Google’s #5 ad for February, is a spot for Google’s Android operating system that has it all: a catchy tune, endearing visuals, and an inspiring message. It doesn’t overtly sell, but it engages and, ever so gently, connects the viewer to the brand. During February alone, it received 111,000 Facebook shares and 15,000 tweets. It also motivated 75,000 viewers to register YouTube likes and 6401 to invest time in making  comments.

It’s a home run of memorable content, beautifully done. Check it out.

Also, here’s a link to all 10 ads.