Flashback Friday: Do You Remember Photoshop 1.0?

Crafting, manipulating and enhancing images on computers are just three of the things an agency’s creative team may do during the course of a normal work day. We almost take our ability to easily process digital images for granted.

But 25 years ago, when imaging software Adobe Photoshop debuted, the idea that we could do this was cool and cutting edge. And pretty elementary.

As Photoshop has evolved over a quarter century, it has changed the way that creatives do their work and provided a platform for often exceptional creative results in everything from advertising to photography to major motion pictures.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary this year, Adobe has offered up a colorful and entertaining “Dream On” video that shows how Photoshop has been used in an amazing number of ways.

But our favorite YouTube video recognizing Photoshop’s big anniversary is one developed by CreativeLive. It shows eight Photoshop experts flashing back to the good old days and trying to operate the platform that started it all, Photoshop 1.0.