What Would You Do If You Were A Billionaire?

As marketers we spend a lot of time raising awareness. We’re often the people telling other people about critical issues in the hope that they will contribute funds or invent something to help solve one of the world’s big problems.

But have you ever wished that you could go beyond raising awareness and actually have the resources to be the driving force behind the development of real solutions? Have you ever asked yourself: if I were a billionaire, what would I do to change the world?

The creator of the 5-Hour Energy Drink is one billionaire who asked himself that very question. He decided not to channel his money into building awareness, but to tackle some problems head on.

He’s spending 99% of his money on a quest “to create and deliver products that can directly affect humanity.” If a project doesn’t put food on the table, deliver power where none exists, or raise the bar on health care, he’s not interested. And, focusing on those areas, he and his team of experts have discovered practical solutions that will have a dramatic and direct impact on people’s lives.

His name is Manojo Bharvaja and he believes that “if you have wealth, you have a duty to help others.”

We think you will find his story as inspiring as we did.