In the more than 20 years that LHWH Advertising has worked with McLeod Heath as its marketing partner, the world around us has become increasingly a digitally-centric place. This has had profound implications for marketing, especially in the healthcare sector.

LHWH has played a major role in guiding McLeod Health into how best to reallocate budget and messaging into digital channels. This has included creating robust blog content on its major service lines accompanied by PPC programs and weekly reporting on results. Moving budget away from traditional print media into digital channels that provide measurable metrics has proven to be very successful. An innovative suite of digital media products has added additional firepower to our digital marketing strategies. LHWH has also maintained a sustained focus on the changing world of SEO, especially as it affects the critically important area of physician practice content.

When combined with our nationally award-winning website and video work, it’s easy to see how LHWH has worked in concert with McLeod Health to deliver excellence beyond boundaries.