LHWH was given the assignment to create a new, more user-friendly website for Burroughs & Chapin’s Commercial Leasing & Management division. The primary objective was to make it easy for potential tenants or their real estate agents to find the kind of properties they were looking for and to have immediate access to all of the info necessary to determine a level of interest in leasing that particular property.

Given the large number of properties available to lease at any given time, developing an intuitively grounded navigational strategy was an essential building block for the entire site.

To facilitate a property search, we designed easy access to each individual property via a customized top nav dropdown. We also feature a fly-up (reverse of a dropdown) city menu on the homepage to help visitors go directly to the geographic area that interests them most. Once on the search results page, users can further filter property results by categories; retail properties, office properties or land & pad sites.

Each individual property page contains a wealth of specific information such as demographics, population stats or site plans. A property-specific category tab navigation/bar underneath the main property slider images makes it easy for visitors to navigate content. Scrolling down the page collapses the slider images, allowing maximum room for displaying the rest of the information on the page.

To fast track the leasing process, we designed online inquiry forms that interested parties can fill out right on the website. Once submitted, the form’s content is converted into a neatly organized email and sent to the client’s inbox where it’s ready to be reviewed and passed on to the appropriate follow-up person.

Given that property information frequently changes in the leasing business, we also created a customized, user-friendly back-end where it’s easy to change content on the fly.