Burroughs & Chapin is a privately owned company that has served its shareholders well for over 100 years. The company played an instrumental role in the early 1900s in the creation of Myrtle Beach as a major tourist destination.

Our client desired a clean, sophisticated website. As a starting point, we designed a unique top nav bar with its content flanked around a centered logo. As users scroll down the page, we designed the logo to ‘flip’ and transition into just the B&C icon thereby enhancing the simplicity of appearance and navigation. We also utilized dropdown subnav bars, making it easy for users to identify and get to the content they were seeking more quickly.

To tell the story of B&C’s unique history, we designed a responsive parallax timeline. As users travel down the timeline, key milestones fade up and into view while story-enhancing background images move in unison behind them.

For the individual property portfolio pages, we locked property photos edge-to-edge with a browser window giving them all the prominence they deserve. The images autoplay, and we also designed in the ability for users to navigate individually to the ones that appeal to them most. Detailed information about each property is carefully tucked out of view, yet easily accessible. Once users choose to read more, the property information animates upwards on the far right side of the page. This way, users can still view the dynamic property photos while reading specifics about the selected property.

Much of the site’s content and our attention-to-design detail went into the shareholder portal, which is only accessible by Burroughs & Chapin’s shareholders. Here, we created a multi-functional dashboard where shareholders can identify and expand the specific content they choose. We also coded a front-end content management system for B&C’s site administrators. This innovative approach allows them to upload and organize shareholder content without having to log into the back-end.