In approaching a new website for Eggs Up Grill, we addressed a number of high-level objectives.

Our first priority was to capture the warm, friendly brand personality that Eggs Up Grill is known for. This was accomplished through an overall color scheme, a simplified navigational structure and a selection of emotionally powerful images for the homepage slider.

When designing for the growing number of Eggs Up Grill locations, we made it easier for customers to locate the closest store in a moments notice. We did this using main navigation and pages for each individual store. Once on a store’s page, users can instantly “Get Directions” (via Google map tracking), or call the store with one-touch dialing (on mobile). Also, on each store’s page are links to its social pages – making it simple to access that location’s social feed and share reviews about the good food and good times experienced there.

One especially critical aspect of the project was to create a mobile-friendly experience. In the new website’s first two years, the percentage of visitors accessing the website from a mobile device rocketed to almost 80% of total visits. Most of these visitors were looking for the closest restaurant, directions, a phone number and the menu. Our design strategy delivered a great mobile experience.

For Egg’s Up Grill’s extensive menu, we designed an easy way for users to navigate over 100 delicious menu items – and instantly find what they’re craving. Food category navigation sits to the left of the main food menu. This allows users to simply select which category they’re hungry for. Once they choose one, the main menu instantly scrolls down to that food category. Additionally, a string of appetizing menu plate shots playfully slide one-by-one as the visitor scrolls down the menu.

To keep the brand personality fresh, we created a Gallery page to showcase selected user-generated images and quotes from Eggs Up Grill store social posts. Since its launch in late 2015, we’ve added powerful images and quotes to share some of our favorite outpourings of happiness from real customers.

We also developed a compelling franchise recruitment video for prospective new franchise owners. Its success can be measured in the ongoing dramatic growth of the number of new stores, now surpassing more than thirty.