In the twelve years that we’ve worked with Family Kingdom, we’ve redesigned their website three times. Each redesign has given us the opportunity to deploy a design strategy that harnesses best practices in website design and user experience. Recognizing that watching videos represents more than two-thirds of the time that people spend online, we wanted the arrival experience on the new site to revolve around an immediate, immersive full-screen video experience. First, our team shot and edited a video that captures a wide range of the rides that Family Kingdom offers. Then, we designed the video to loop endlessly. Because, after all, the smiles and laughter at Family Kingdom are never-ending. And in many ways, the storytelling that the video accomplishes may be all that’s needed to inspire a visit to the park.

Additionally, we designed interactive showcases for both the amusement park and the water park. Users can arrange park rides by the thrill level of their choosing. Once they select their ride, a short description and ride guidelines are revealed… and even better – a video link of the ride.

From there, we created a custom interactive Gallery page, where users can get their fix from videos (and photos) of all the rides. We implemented a scrolling menu that consists of engaging thumbnail photos of each ride. Hovering over the thumbnail tells you what ride it is, and a simple click plays the ride’s video – which is fullscreen for maximum impact.

And while visitors enjoy hours online viewing the new Family Kingdom website, we can only imagine how much fun they’ll have at the park itself.