Our goal in designing the new website for McLeod Health was to elevate the McLeod Health brand to look and feel as cutting edge as the medical excellence that it offers to 15 counties in North and South Carolina. We did this with innovative CSS and UX design as well as the creation of a new McLeod Health video. The video itself has won 8 national awards.

A customized search engine was created for the FIND A DOCTOR functionality to give users all the content they are looking for, with as few clicks as possible. Our team worked in tandem with the doctors and practices at McLeod Health, incorporating their insights on what patients were looking for and ways the site design could improve internal processes and procedures.

The website was designed to be one that is experienced, not just viewed. Ongoing ‘movement’ within the pages helps to give visitors a sense that McLeod Health is constantly in action, working its hardest at delivering quality care. Elegantly designed animated site content appeals especially to the key target audience of millennials.

For mobile, our goal was to take full advantage of mobile device features and how users interact with these devices. Using analytics from McLeod Health’s previous site, we put all the tools that mobile customers most desired within a thumb’s reach. This essentially created a ‘remote control’ experience.

As a result, McLeod Health’s new website design has been recognized as one of the best hospital websites in the country. In fact, it has received an extraordinary range of national and international awards in 13 competitions, including Best Mobile Website in the Nation in the 2017 WebAwards competition.