For over two decades, the Parker family built their homebuilding business on three core principles: unique craftsmanship, uncompromising integrity and high-quality products. When LHWH was retained to create a new website for RS Parker, we wanted those key client attributes to be part of the arrival experience for people coming to the new website. A first impression is often a lasting impression and can permanently affect brand perception. We’re pleased to be able to share that the site that LHWH created for RS Parker turned into a national award winner.

To focus on one key element in the RS Parker website, LHWH understood that a critically important part of the new website revolved around how to make a prospective buyer’s search experience as user-friendly as possible. Our team diligently studied our client’s sales process in order to develop a robust search feature that complemented a diverse range of customer searching habits. Some people begin by searching for a specific location or neighborhood. Others search by sorting through floor plans, square footage or lot size. Some focus first on a price range. And others may search for something as specific as a three-story, beachfront home finished with Hardie siding, white marble countertops and natural gas appliances. Our search engine design and back-end functionality was developed to accommodate virtually every pathway a prospect might want to take in searching for a new home.

In every way, harnessing the design and programming expertise of LHWH turned out to be the right move for our client.