What Does the Data Say?

Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet and Mobile Trends

This year’s top internet trends are in and we’ve pulled some highlights. Take a look and let us know what you think about the findings.

Short Form Video

First it was pictures being shared all over the web, now it’s video. Short form, 6-30 second snapshots of human experiences are proving to be the direction of social network sharing.

Video clip examples include everything from your dog catching a ball or your son’s soccer game, to a personal video journal or how-to demonstration. But users show us that the options are endless.

Instagram, Vine, YouTube, and Pinterest are just a few of the top video sharing applications and online sites that are trending today.


Remember when we used to talk on the phone? Well, it seems that it is coming back in style. People are sending more and more audio texts, memos and emails with voice recordings instead of typing them.

Meeker’s findings show that year over year the number of people using apps to send voice recordings has grown 4X — currently at 400 million.

Helping Each Other

Data sharing has become a way for us to share information so that we get the info we want, when we want it.

Online sites and apps like Yelp and Waze are just two of the most used.

Yelp was created to help people find great local businesses, events and lists based on online consumer reviews. With over 108 million monthly visitors in just Q2 2013, Yelp users, or “Yelpers,” have written more than 42 million reviews, making it one of the most utilized sources of localized consumer information.

Waze is an example of how data sharing is used on mobile applications. This free, GPS, traffic and navigation app, with more than 48 million users, helps commuters get around more quickly by sharing real-time traffic information from other drivers using the app.

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