The Right Message, at the Right Moment, in the Right Place

A Look at Native Advertising

Simply put, Native Advertising is a brand message in a consumer-friendly form. Content that is integrated organically into a consumer’s online lifestyle, or a person’s “native online habitat.”

Buzzfeed is an online platform that takes the most talked about trends of the day and gives them an editorial spin. It also has several great examples of how Native Advertising works.

They team up with brands regularly; recently BP, Oreo, Spotify and State Farm Insurance.

Click here to see what I’m talking about.

Things I noticed from State Farm’s post:

Relevance to brand:

State Farm took the time to identify their brand personality, tone, and relationship with their audience. Doing so makes this Buzzfeed post work for them. It gives them credibility and authenticity.

Crafted content:

They’ve created a story with video captions to illustrate the sentiment that most anyone with a sibling shares. From this, some readers may say “State Farm understands me!”

Video ad tie-in:

They took an already produced video campaign and created content to support it. The funny collection of videos clips tell a story that leads right into to the advertisement.

Social integration:

They’ve included a sidebar for Facebook and Twitter integration to intrigue readers to follow their pages and take the next step to becoming a brand fan.

For more Buzzfeed posts that demonstrate the power of Native Advertising from brands, take a look at these examples:

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