3 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

How do you make your business blog stand out?

Developing and nurturing a blog is a constant learning experience. It’s an ongoing effort to understand what your audience finds interesting and useful. And it’s a constant challenge to deliver information that will keep them engaged so that their support ultimately pays off for your business.

If you’re just getting your blog started — or if you’ve been posting on your blog with limited success — here are some basics to keep in mind:

1. A blog is about education, not sales.

Create blog content that is useful and of interest to your readers. It has to have some value for them or they won’t keep reading your posts — and they certainly won’t tell their friends about it. Don’t think like a marketer who wants to communicate your message. Think like a reporter who is delivering news that your readers want — and even need — to know about.

2. Reel them in with strong headlines.

Again, think like the media. News headlines are designed to pull the reader into the story. With a blog, you want your audience to be intrigued and click through to the body of your content.

3. If content is king, frequency is queen.

Blog as many times as you can and that you have something useful to contribute. Try to blog at least once every two weeks, but the more frequently, the better.

What are some of the challenges or successes you’ve had on your business blog?