Tiptoeing onto Twitter? Don’t be Shy!

Twitter is like a big party full of people talking about your interests, your industry, and sometimes even about you. If you aren’t on Twitter, you didn’t show up to the party and you are really missing out.

Since the launch of Twitter over seven years ago, the social network has grown leaps and bounds.

To give you an idea of the social network’s tremendous growth and why it’s important to RSVP to the party, here are a few mind-blowing stats.

  • The community has over 230 million monthly active users, or 7,070 Myrtle Beach populations.
  • Active U.S. adults on Twitter have doubled since 2010. That’s a big jump in just three years.
  • On average users spend 170 minutes on the site each month, that time is equivalent to watching your entire Sunday primetime line up.
  • Folks using Twitter that are 65 and older have tripled since 2009, now at 43 percent. It’s not just for the kids.

Next Step:

If you aren’t on Twitter or hardly use it it’s never too late to get started. Try signing up for an account, tweeting a few times a week, and see what conversations take place. I think you’ll be amazed at the boost your business will get by just talking to people.

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