Apple Changed Our Lives. Now It’s Exploring Ways To Save Them.

When the San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that Apple is looking at a variety of ways to — as the Chronicle put it — “reignite growth,” our eyes were drawn to an amazing little medical nugget tucked inside the story.

Apple is reportedly teaming up with a top audio engineer to explore technologies that can predict a heart attack by listening to blood as it moves through arteries.

This revelation comes on the heels of numerous January media reports that a meeting took place between Apple execs and the U. S. Food & Drug Administration. The topic listed on the FDA agenda: “potential mobile medical applications.”

The Chronicle‘s story casts an interesting new light on what Apple may be cooking up in the health arena. Will this exploratory effort yield a device that’s in the form of an iWatch? Or will Apple surprise the world yet again with another intriguing new device?

And how long will we have to wait for this technology?

Because our lives may depend on it.