Awesome Technology Is Producing The Future In 3D

3D printing is a killer technology that is being used in some pretty awe-inspiring ways.

It reached new heights this April when a Chinese company built 10 houses in 24 hours out of 3D-created building blocks. Since the blocks were made of recycled waste, the houses are environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, as well as quickly ready for occupancy.

Even more impressive is the use of 3D printing in the medical field where doctors are producing affordable prosthetic limbs for children. Unlike adults who can be fitted once, kids’ bodies are constantly changing, requiring several prosthetics of different sizes while they grow into adulthood. Because of the expense involved, many kids are never fitted. 3D technology meets the challenge of producing affordable replacement prosthetics for children going through growth spurts.

In the marketing field, the conversation about 3D printing applications has been percolating for some time. Coca Cola has done some clever promotional work.

Want to learn more about 3D printing? Check out this video by Mashable which provides a great overview in just a little over two minutes.