When’s The Best Time To Share?

Searching for the best time to post on the various social media channels you manage?

That’s a topic engaging the minds of nearly everyone charged with handling company social media.

The first step in building an audience for your content is to understand when your desired audience is actually exploring the channel you are posting on.  When are those you want to reach most likely to discover your content?

Because audiences differ from social media channel to channel, their times for accessing content are different as well. Choose the wrong time for posting on a specific channel and you risk that long fall into the black hole of invisibility.

Recently, we came across a great infographic by SurePayroll that attempts to chart the hazy landscape of social media posting and identify the best times for sharing. Even this information is fluid, however, and we’re reminded that timing social media posts is not an exact science. Each industry has its own quirks that can influence optimum posting times. But this infographic provides a starting point to launch experimentation.

And don’t skim over the fun facts it includes — because they’re loaded with insights too.