Top 10 Viral Ads Deliver Worldwide Exposure For Brands

Wouldn’t it be great if a video made to advertise your brand was shared with millions of people around the world?

This week, Adweek magazine reported the “Top 10 Viral Ads Of 2014 (So Far)” as tracked by global marketing technology company, Unruly Media. With the World Cup on so many minds, it’s no surprise that so many soccer-themed videos made the viral top 10. In fact, the number one shared video received an incredible 2.72 million shares in June alone, making it number six on the list of all time shared video ads. As of today, it had been shared more than 4.5 million times, double that of any other in the top 10. Now, that’s real viral traction!

Check out the top 10 most shared ads of the year so far.

How many of these have you shared?