A Brave New World: Ten Predictions For 2025

Amazed by the changes happening every day in our world? Over the last decade, new technologies, new channels (and ways) of making social connections, and new scientific breakthroughs have literally changed the way we live.

There are even bigger and better changes on the way, according to analysts at Thomson Reuters ScienceWatch, who’ve been focusing on what the next decade might bring. After sifting through scientific research reports and patent data, they’ve come up with ten very interesting predictions about what our world could look like in the not too distant future.

From their view, we’re just eleven years away from a completely digitally-connected world with no food shortages, where dementia is in decline, and we’ll all be treated with personalized medications that target our individual bodies, as well as specific illnesses.

For those who want to know the outcomes without reading all the research findings, Fast Company magazine has condensed the research reports into a quick overview.