New Gallup Study Looks At Engaging GenX And Millennials

Gallup Business Journal recently reported on the company’s 2014 Hospitality Industry Study which looked at customer behavior and loyalty.

The study concluded that, in the accommodations industry, engagement is key, and it takes many forms. And when a customer is engaged, good things happen for a hotel.

From online engagement to emotional engagement, guests who feel connected to a hotel’s brand become less-price sensitive over time and frequently serve as enthusiastic cheerleaders for a brand.

Social media engagement influences many, especially the most tech savvy. Outstanding personal, on-property experiences — especially when repeated stays continue to be memorable in a good way — have a huge impact.

Gallup’s findings stretch across all age groups in varying degrees, with GenXers returning the most on a hotel’s investment in engagement.

It’s a report worth reading for anyone in the accommodations business.