10 Ways That Companies Put The Ice Bucket Challenge To Work For Their Brands

It’s not unusual for companies to put their muscle behind good causes. In return, they get the opportunity to spread the word about their good deeds and generate some positive publicity for their target audiences to see.

But few philanthropic opportunities have yielded the breadth of exposure that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has. This charitable effort is a big win-win for both brands and the charity that raises funds for research into Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

A fund-raising effort that started with regular folks making videos that went viral, it soon attracted celebrities. When brands became involved, the short, action-packed videos began to be populated with icons, mascots and characters. As one after another national brand got creative with the challenge, representatives of other brands jumped in.

Soon, short videos of ice water splashing Ronald McDonald and other familiar characters went viral. Brands who executed these splashdowns well ended up with far-reaching exposure and engagement with their target markets. They also helped raise a heap of money for a good cause — more than $94 million by August 27.

Take a look at how 10 top brands got creative.