Video Is A Powerful Medium

Video is being widely embraced as one of the best tools in any marketer’s arsenal. But just how powerful is it?


Intuitively, we’ve concluded that the video medium is a powerful attraction and an effective influencer.

But, intuition aside, there’s nothing like some cold, hard data to make the case for incorporating more video into marketing strategies.

Earlier this year, Shutterstock and its data-gathering partner, comScore, teamed up with a creative partner to develop an infographic based on a number of compelling facts about video. As they looked at the growth of video and how consumers relate to it, they decided to package their  findings and the infographic within a video.

In doing so, they were able to both make the case for video (through their message) and utilize the medium at the center of their message to reinforce their point.

Marshall McLuhan would be proud. It’s a classic illustration of his contention that “the medium is the message.”