A Simple Way To Build A Strong Team

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on those things for which we are grateful, to acknowledge those to whom we owe thanks.

Family and friends always come to mind.

But what about workplace colleagues?

How often have the efforts of others contributed to your success as you worked to reach company goals?

Success in business often relies on talented people pulling together as a team with each contributing their special expertise.  Dependability, unique skill sets, and dedication to the effort are crucial to helping the team reach the shared goal.

But how often do we open up and tell colleagues how much that kind of effort is appreciated?

When we let the chance to show genuine appreciation go by, are we missing an opportunity to impact attitudes and effect change? A sincere “thanks,” accompanied by an explanation of how another’s work contributed, can resonate with a teammate for years to come.

When gratitude is expressed, it can motivate. When packaged with a clear explanation and conveyed sincerely, thankfulness can inspire team members to double their efforts when faced with future challenges.

Recently, Chester Elton, the New York Times best-selling author of “What Motivates Me” and “All In,” described the dynamic beautifully in a post on LinkedIn.

Chester’s essay is worth a read for anyone hoping to grow a strong team — and their business.