Keeping Up With SEO: 34 Useful Tips For 2015

Google processes more than 40,000 search inquiries per second on an average day. That’s nearly 6 billion inquiries daily.

There’s even a website dedicated to monitoring the number of searches ticking away one by one into the billions.

So how can your company establish and maintain a high profile in such a crowded field? And, not only is the field crowded, it is continuously evolving.

To be effective, marketers have to adapt,  staying on top of immediate changes, while watching for new trends.

We recently came across an “actionable” list of SEO tips that could be used as a checklist for improving brand SEO right now. While many of us are already doing several things that are on the list, chances are we’re not doing all of them.

This list is a good way to check on what you’re doing and what can still be done. There’s always room for improvement in the ever-changing discipline of SEO.