The Future Of Facebook, According to Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has a dream. The creator of Facebook sees a future Facebook platform where we no longer share just through text, photos and video.

He envisions technology that continues to evolve so that it will eventually enable us to just think our thoughts and share them with whomever we wish. Zuckerberg calls it the “ultimate communication strategy.”

Even the transporter technology that unassembled and reassembled human bodies in Star Trek didn’t go that far. Thought-sharing wasn’t even on the table in that fictional world several centuries from now.

Zuckerberg thinks that someday we’ll actually be using a Facebook-like platform to share our thoughts with friends and family. But, as intriguing as his vision is, it is also provokes some thoughts about privacy and marketing. How much more will Facebook learn about its users when unfiltered thoughts become part of the data it collects? How will access to the thoughts of consumers influence the way businesses communicate with them?

Maybe his vision is just another cool idea that will move social relations forward  — and we will discover that we all love the ride. After all, just a little over a decade ago, few people foresaw us writing and sharing our thoughts, opinions — and sometimes our fears — on a public platform like Facebook in the name of just being social.

If Zuckerberg’s vision becomes reality, do you think it will be a positive step for interpersonal relations? As consumers relinquish more privacy, how could it change marketing?

Judge for yourself. Read what  Zuckerberg had to say about his vision. It’s posted — of course — on Facebook.