How Companies Use Content Marketing

In a recent survey of B2B marketers, 98% of those surveyed said that content marketing is now the core of their marketing strategies. More than 50 percent of their budgets are being allocated to content.

As the old Bob Dylan song says, “These times, they are a changin’.“

The respondents report that the key benefit of doing all this content marketing is that it increases brand loyalty. So, more than 60% of those responding said they expect to continue to increase their investment in content marketing.

It’s no surprise that in an increasingly visual world, more than 90% reported video as “the most indispensable content type.” Brand and user video uploads have tripled in just a year.

Most companies realize they can’t just go live with a website and step back to admire it. A website is one of the best channels through which to provide new content that not only showcases a company, but affects search rankings. A blog is one tool that can provide ever-updated content, but it’s not the only way to keep your website lively.

Social media content offers a multiplicity of platforms to reach audiences and contributes in still more ways to brand identity and visibility.

The challenge is that content marketing is something that requires dedication and sustained effort. Even companies that realize the importance of content marketing admit that it’s a struggle to create regular, relevant content in-house. That’s probably why the report found that 84% of the companies surveyed outsource both the design and writing of their content.

Do you have a company content strategy and budget? How do you manage all the demands of content  marketing?

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