Most-Shared Ad Of 2015 Is Most-Shared Ad Of All Time

It brought a smile to millions of faces — including ours — when it debuted in February 2015. It is a video ad that has it all: cute animals, surprising pairings, a catchy tune, and a message at the end that made us think without hitting us over the head.

So it’s no surprise that Google’s “Friends Furever” spot promoting Android was the most shared ad of 2015 — and the most-shared ad of all time. Video ad technology company, Unruly, recently announced that Friends Furever has been shared more than 6.4 million times since February of this year.

Unruly used its sophisticated analytics system to count the number of shares across Facebook, Twitter, and on blogs. The conclusion: Friends Furever has been shared even more than Shakira’s World Cup Activia ad which has been shared 6.1 million times. Until Friends Furever built its head of steam, Shakira’s video had reigned as the most shared of all time.

We think Friends Furever deserves a replay, because who wouldn’t want to start the new year with a smile?