PR Is Moving To Center Stage In The World Of Marketing

For a long time, Public Relations has been the caboose on the marketing train. After creative plans were set, PR would be called in to take part in the announcement of a campaign and play a supporting role.

In today’s business environment, however, PR is finally being called off the bench sooner rather than later. In the best circumstances, PR is a partner helping to both develop and execute strategic marketing plans. In some cases, PR is even taking the lead, especially when multiple channels will be used to deliver a message.

In our increasingly digital world, content is prized and storytelling  expertise is valued. PR practitioners are skilled at storytelling, as well as providing well-written, meaningful and useful content.

“PR agencies are waking up to the power they can yield beyond media relations,”says Sarah Hofstetter, CEO of 360i, an award-winning digital agency.

Advertising Age recently explored “How Public Relations Is Earning Its Place in 2016.” For anyone in PR, advertising or marketing, it’s food for thought.