Pokémon Go: What’s next?

The Pokémon Go craze has been all over the headlines for the past two weeks or so, but what could be coming next could really blow your mind. Here’s why:

Pokémon Go is the first game specifically designed for mobile technology. That fact alone is a game changer.

The game can’t be played on a desktop device. (Can you imagine?!) It uses the GPS technology found in mobile devices to make the Pokémon characters appear in and near a player’s physical location—in real time. By using the built-in camera, players see and explore the world around them in the hopes that a character pops up on their screen so they can catch ’em with a press of a button. Such a feat augments reality like never before because it’s happening as you move about on the fly.

Pokémon Go has gotten its millions of Pokémon fans out and about chasing their beloved characters around parks, offices, supermarkets, museums, and just about any other place you can think of.

And perhaps we should think about it.

Now that it’s conquered the real world, can it go into other realities? Will you see Mew, Moltres and Ditto on your TV during The Big Bang Theory? How and where will other brands take this to the next level? Will Coca Cola find a way to tap into augmented reality? Will you be sitting next to Michael Strahan the next time you have to make a fantasy football pick?

What’s next for augmented reality? Will the lines between reality and perception be distinguishable? What will we be seeing?

What’s next? #Think first. (Tweet it).