Think Video: It’s king right now.

There is no doubt that widespread mobile use is helping to drive the increase in video views. Think about it. As of 2015, 64% of American adults in the U.S. had a smartphone according to Pew Research. And the rise of video marketing is only going to get stronger and more relevant as more and more people become smartphone-dependent.

Creating video content cannot be underestimated for your brand or business. Everywhere you put it, people are pressing play and hungry for more.

So, despite the fact that industry leaders and publications say to embrace the medium, lets recall one of the simple lessons learned from our dear old friend the blocked and often ignored banner ad.

Make it brilliant, and you’ll make more than an impression.

Cats chasing their tails and women laughing in Chewbaca masks get millions of impressions, but how does that convert into brand loyalty or a sale? Make a bad video (or bad anything) and you’re just as forgettable as a banner ad. Truth is, many people would rather take a video tour of a house to experience it firsthand, or hear from a peer how a certain medical device was the answer to their prayers. Video is smart, sharable and personal. It’s a win when it’s done right and on the right platform for your brand or product.

Think about a compelling experience.
Think about building relationships.
Think about why it matters.
Think about making more than just an impression and you just might.

#Think video. Then be heard and be understood. (Tweet it).