Production Manager

Dick Gibson

After spending 12 years as Vice President at American Golf, Inc., Dick handled production and distribution for Himmelsbach Communications for six years. He joined LHWH in 1990, and has captained LHWH production efforts ever since. Under his management, production of each element of our creative projects completes its journey on time and within budget. Deftly coordinating internal processes with the demands of outside vendors, Dick ensures delivery of consistently superior finished products.

When not manning the production helm at LHWH, Dick often makes time for oceanic activities like scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. On dry land, he enjoys honing his managerial strengths via agility and obedience training with his dog, Mr. Chappie, and cheering on his alma mater, the Florida Gators.

“A true friend is the best possession.”

Ben Franklin