How Should Brands Deal With A PR Crisis?

The holidays are coming fast, and with them comes some of the busiest travel times of the year.

If you’re in the people-moving business or running a hotel or restaurant, chances are you’ll encounter some kind of glitch in your service delivery system during this busy time of year.

In today’s world of instant communications and social media, an accident, weather-related incident or a bad customer experience can impact your brand in ways you may never have imagined. News of a glitch can travel to your clients and potential clients in the wink of an eye.

Are you prepared to minimize the PR damage that could result?

Whether you have an in-house PR team on board or expect to turn to outside experts, it’s good to plan ahead and be ready. To paraphrase an old saying: hope for the best but definitely have a plan in place for the worst.

Recently, we came across some very practical tips for travel brands compiled by London, UK-based, a community of travel brands and innovators from industry segments like hotels, airlines, cruises and more.

Apparently, the folks across the pond have been thinking about crisis management issues as much as we do in America.

No matter where your business is located, this is good advice worth sharing with your industry colleagues.