An Epic Effort To Engage The Customer About Safety

Every year, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is the busiest period of air travel for the United States. Our airports are jammed and security lines seem endless.

Once boarded on a plane, the last thing that exasperated passengers want to do is pay attention to boring safety tips or watch a dull “buckle up” video. After all, who doesn’t know the safety procedures by now?

For airlines — who are required to convey the safety procedures — getting and keeping passengers’ attention has been a long-time challenge.

But maybe that’s because they view the challenge as communicating a procedure. In fact, they should be looking at it as a marketing challenge.

Air New Zealand has taken on that challenge in an epic way. The airline teamed up with Hobbit director Peter Jackson and actors from the classic series to tell a story that both engages viewers and communicates all the major points of that (previously) boring airplane safety lecture.

We think it would be great if American air carriers took a tip from Air New Zealand and gave weary Thanksgiving travelers similar educational entertainment.

The safety video never bores. It enchants. And, it informs.

Mission accomplished.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels!