How Businesses Can Adapt To The Latest Facebook News Feed Changes

Facebook continues to tweak and change its algorithms in its ongoing quest to (1) be a platform filled with interesting content that people want to share; and (2) move businesses into purchasing Facebook space to communicate their promotional messages.

In the process, it is whittling away organic reach bit by bit.

Brands, and particularly small businesses, seem to be caught in the crossfire. The latest announcement is that Facebook will further devalue content it sees as “overly promotional” and trim that from the smaller and smaller bank of content that fans of these brands get to see in their news feeds.

Advice for small businesses seems to center on “well, make more content that your readers would like to share.” Yet the best corporate examples given — like Red Bull and Harley – clearly demonstrate product promotion.

No wonder there’s confusion!

Recently, Marketing Land turned to a group of experts and asked the burning questions many of us have about the latest news feed changes:

1.  Will the new policy be good or bad for marketers? Why?

2. Will it change the way you recommend businesses use Facebook? If so, how?

Their responses can be found here.

What will your company’s strategy be?