Find Out Why 15% of Americans Aren’t Online

It’s hard to believe that there are many Americans who don’t connect with the internet for social interactions, research or streaming video. But, according to a new study by Pew Research Center, a surprising percentage  of Americans still aren’t hooked up. Why?

One obvious reason is financial: a computer is a significant investment and a connection to the internet is a recurring cost for households. But what about accessing the wonders of the world-wide web at a local library?

According to Pew, 34% of non-internet users simply don’t have an interest. They don’t see what’s happening online as relevant to their lives. Another 32% see it as “too difficult to use;” that includes 8% who view themselves as “too old to learn.” Only 19% cited the expense of access.

Still the news overall is good. In 2000, when Pew first looked at internet use among Americans, almost 50% of us weren’t going online. A lot has changed in the last 15 years, and today that percentage has dropped to just 15%.

Pew provides an interesting look at how internet use has changed among seniors, races, income levels and more. For any business that is trying to reach customers via the internet, it’s a must-read.