Budgeting Is No Laughing Matter. Or Is It?

Budgets. In business, we have to make them, discuss them, adjust them, agree on them, activate them, adhere to them. Getting from start to finish can be a stressful process.

As we enter budgeting season for many of our clients, we thought it would be fun to share how one company chose, in part, to sell its services by injecting humor. Using humor, the company showed it understands how people sometimes experience the budget process, and then how their pain can be eased.

The software company introduced itself as “founded to rescue people from Excel Hell during budget planning season,” revealing a sense of humor at the outset. Then, it upped the ante by bringing in our favorite Marketoonist™, Tom Fishburne. Tom rose to the challenge, creating a marketoon series that “illustrated the headaches that anyone involved in budgeting would recognize.”

After establishing empathy with those charged with generating and executing budgets, XLerant introduced their “elegant and simple solution” as a way of easing the pain of budget development and tracking.

Nice strategy, XLerant. Nice execution, Tom.

We’re betting some of these cartoons show up on a lot of office bulletin boards in the near future. Just about anyone who deals with a budget can relate.