Do Brands Have A New Late-Night Ally In Stephen Colbert?

That’s the conclusion reached in a recent piece in AdWeek that looked at Colbert’s first night filling Letterman’s shoes on CBS’ The Late Show.

Popular with both audiences and advertisers, Colbert got his show off to a strong start with the support of product messages that filled up all the available ad slots. Colbert also attempted (not always successfully) to seamlessly integrate brands into his show through product placements.

CBS and Colbert are surely thankful for the great show of support from advertisers for his first show.

As for product placement, however, Colbert is on record as being less supportive. He calls such brand integrations “regrettable compromises,” but he’s willing to play the product placement game his new bosses like. But when he does, it’s clear he’s going to do it in Colbert style.

After the first show, Adweek’s Jason Lynch was already declaring that “brands have a late night ally in Colbert.”

What’s your take?