Up Next: Technology Gets Out Of The Way

Not that long ago the idea that our phones would be powerful pocket-size computers seemed like science fiction. Today, it’s hard to find someone whose mobile device functions solely as a phone. Now comes news that we’re already in the process of taking another giant leap from science fiction to science fact. In business (and…


3D Printing Update: 12 Medical Uses That Will Amaze You

Science fiction is fast becoming fact. The use of 3D printing is escalating in the medical field. Physicians and researchers are unveiling new and exciting 3D news almost every day. Yet, much of that news has gone unreported in the general media, and it remains under the radar in all but specialized medical journals and…


Will 2025 Be The Year That Humans Need Not Apply?

When most of us think of robotics and potential job replacement, we think about robots stepping in to take over mundane, repetitive or unskilled jobs. But when the Pew Center issued a report entitled “AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs,” it forced many to think beyond those narrow confines. Forty-eight percent of the experts…


Can A Machine Judge Taste Better Than A Human?

According to MarketWatch, wine is big business with over 31 billion 759 ml bottles bought and sold worldwide each year. Clearly, wine is a big part of the human experience. For centuries, people have chosen their wines on the basis of personal taste experience or the recommendations of friends. Many turn to the opinions of…


How Technology Can Turn Your Phone Into A Personal Hotel Key

For decades, hotel guests picked up metal keys at the front desk and used them to gain access to their hotel rooms. Next came a card that, when swiped, caused a hotel door to unlock. Now, technology is moving hoteliers toward a mobile keyless entry system that allows us to check-in while we’re still traveling…