In 2017, LHWH designed a major new website for long-time client, McLeod Health. An enormously complex site, the design challenge was how to make access to all the content easy and intuitive. This was of particular importance in the mobile site design. In the Mobile Web Awards, a national competition, the LHWH site was named Best Mobile Website in the Nation.

The Marketing Challenge

After a careful review of the analytics of the current site, we identified the content that had the most number of page views and wanted to make access to that same content as easy as possible on a mobile device. An in-depth consultation with McLeod Health physicians led to the realization that one of the highest priorities for the mobile site was to streamline the process of searching for a doctor.

Our Approach

As an essential part of the design strategy, the centrally prominent Find a Doctor button gives the user the ability to search by location, name or specialty. Our highly advanced search engine programming then makes it simple to filter results by availability, by gender and by whether new patients are being accepted. That button is surrounded by the other primary action pathways most commonly needed.

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