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The Future Of Facebook, According to Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has a dream. The creator of Facebook sees a future Facebook platform where we no longer share just through text, photos and video. He envisions technology that continues to evolve so that it will eventually enable us to just think our thoughts and share them with whomever we wish. Zuckerberg calls it the…

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How A Generic Brand Video Captured An Award

It’s April and time for the Shorty Awards®! The Shortys are to social media as the Oscars are to Hollywood. In fact, many Hollywood stars have already earned their own Shortys with short-form videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Now in its seventh year, the Shortys recognize producers of “real-time short form content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr,…

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What We Learned From 22 Social Media Statistics In 2014

As 2015 moves rapidly through its second month, the “should we or shouldn’t we” conversation continues to go on as businesses analyze the value of launching and managing their own social media programs. Way back in early 2014, the data reported about consumers and their use of social media was already pretty compelling for many…

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Entering 2015, Facebook Is Still On Top

How many American adults are using social media platforms? And which ones are they using? Hard on the heels of a February, 2014 report that 81% of American adults use the Internet, the Pew Research Center commissioned a survey to answer those burning questions about social media use. The result of this latest effort is…

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How Businesses Can Adapt To The Latest Facebook News Feed Changes

Facebook continues to tweak and change its algorithms in its ongoing quest to (1) be a platform filled with interesting content that people want to share; and (2) move businesses into purchasing Facebook space to communicate their promotional messages. In the process, it is whittling away organic reach bit by bit. Brands, and particularly small…